Cadets in our Squadron went on summer trainings, here is a list of some of the trainings our cadets have attended.

RT – IL, 278 Sea Cadets from all over the United States and our territories attended Recruit Training at Great Lakes, IL.  Pictures for this training can be found at


SA Todev writes:
The recruit training at Great Lakes that I went to was pretty well planned. The RDC’s do a great job of teaching us what we have to learn in the time we have. We learn line handling, marlinspike, uniform and grooming standards, enlisted rank recognition, naval history, naval honors and courtesies, USN Heritage, Core values, survival at sea, firefighting, drill, marching, firearm training, and a swim test. We took a big division picture with out officers and RDC’s. And we also had 4 inspections. Personnel, Drill, Bunk making and stripping, and cleanliness of our compartment. The food was great. Wide variety of food to chose from. The one day we did PT was really easy and it wasn’t enough at all. It got really boring because we would just stand at the toe line a lot. Overall, RTC Great Lakes was a very easy training. The hardest part is being away from home.