CO’s Welcome


CO’s Welcome


Welcome to the Ghostriders Squadron!

Ghostriders Squadron Cadets strive to be the best Sea Cadets in the Region.

As a Ghostriders Squadron Sea Cadet, you will be given the opportunity to experience a basic military environment without a commitment to join the military.

You will be provided with guidance and training to better prepare yourself for the future.

To become a Ghostriders Squadron Cadet, you must have the desire to excel. Our cadets are among the best in the region.

The Ghostriders Squadron allows cadets to demonstrate and utilize their skills with the guidance and support of the Adult Leaders.

Cadets and Adults who are accepted into the Ghostriders Squadron will learn leadership skills but must be able to follow orders, directions and procedures. Each is a member of our team and will conduct themselves as a team player. To belong to our Squadron, a cadet must want to be a Sea Cadet.

Members of the Ghostriders Squadron are encouraged to attend 100% of the drills and activities but are required to attend at least 75% of the drills in order to remain a member of the Sea Cadet Corps.

There is no provision for an “Ala Carte” membership in our organization, showing up only for the activities that suit a particular interest will not be allowed. You will either be a member of the Squadron or you are not.

In order to benefit from the Sea Cadet Program. you must participate in the program.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Ghostriders Squadron Sea Cadet, contact me at

LCDR Luzadder

Commanding Officer – Ghostriders Squadron

Naperville, IL